cplay using mplayer with speed-control and equalizer support (english only)

Tested using mplayer-1.0pre7 and mplayer-1.0pre8

Including fixes of minor bugs of the original version

28. Feb 2011: Fixed links to download the patch

Speed-control is performed by '[' (decrement speed), ']' (increment speed) and '=' (reset). The setting is kept during the song, also if you rewind or forward in the song or if you toggle stop/pause/play. Speed is resetted on changing to another song.

To change the 10 octave band graphic equalizer use 'e' and 'E'. The setting is kept until you change it or exit cplay. A few settings are given, experiment by yourself and please send me your results! Consult the mplayer manpage for further details about the settings of equalizer. You can set your own equalizer settings by editing ~/.cplayrc or /etc/cplayrc (do not mix tabs and spaces for indenting lines!) and adding an EQUALIZERS section:

| ("3:3:3:2:0:-1:-1:0:0:1", "rock"),
| ("0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0", "flat"),
| ]

If you don't have mplayer, cplay works the normal way using the default backends, in this case the speed-control and equalizer keybindings work but have no effect.

PLEASE NOTICE: If you have a wrong version of mplayer, it might play your songs, but it won't be nice (no time, no forward/rewind, no speed-control, no equalizer)! Please tell me if you find other versions working. (Hint, if it doesn't work: You can define the used players by editing ~/.cplayrc or /etc/cplayrc and simply add NO line specifing mplayer.)

I don't know if this patch if useful for anybody except me. Please inform me in all cases after trying my patch, telling me whether you like'd it or not and please tell me errors/feature requests (cplay-dev@blackamp.de). Thank you!

To try my patch, perform the following steps:

| wget http://www.argafal.de/public/cplay-1.49-speedpatch3
| cp `which cplay` .
| patch cplay <cplay-1.49-speedpatch3
| ./cplay

or simply

| wget -O cplay http://www.argafal.de/public/cplay-1.49.patched3

You might need "chmod +x cplay" in both cases.

For your information: A fifo is created in your tmp-directory (normally /tmp), it is named mplayer-control-$username if it doesn't exist already. Otherwise a random number is added to the filename.

The latest version of the patch also includes two minor bugfixes:
- Handling the error on executing shell-commands (Compare bugreport)
- Handling errors on creating the control-fifo

=> cplay-1.49-speedpatch3 (26.06.06)
=> cplay-1.49.patched3 (26.06.06)

=> cplay-1.49-speedpatch2 (25.06.06)
=> cplay-1.49.patched2 (25.06.06)
=> cplay-1.49-speedpatch1 (23.06.06)
=> cplay-1.49.patched1 (25.06.06)

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